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Mitsubishi CITY MULTI® Systems

An Excellent Energy-Efficient Choice For Your Commercial Property’s Indoor Climate Comfort

The Mitsubishi CITY MULTI® system uses Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) zoning, a state-of-the-art method of providing precise comfort control to individual or multiple spaces. Imagine the flexibility of spot cooling a commercial building with a number of floors and areas (that require individual comfort control delivered by a split-zoning system).

VRF moves refrigerant to the zone to be heated or cooled, allowing the temperature of that area to be more precisely controlled. It can simultaneously cool some zones while heating other areas or just provide comfort control to zones that are in use. (Zones are single or multiple room spaces that are conditioned to a set temperature and are operated independently from other rooms within the same structure.)

Summary Of Benefits

Energy Efficiency: INVERTER technology can simultaneously heat and cool, virtually eliminating duct loss.

Zoned Comfort: Each individual zone can have personalized comfort as the system delivers the right amount of cooling or heating to precisely meet the area space requirements.

Quiet Operation: Indoor and outdoor units are so quiet that they can be placed just about anywhere, giving you more flexibility on how to use interior and exterior space.

System Simplicity: Mitsubishi Electric’s two-pipe Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is simpler to install and service. Routine maintenance consists of changing filters and cleaning coils.

Aesthetics: These HVAC systems don’t have to get in the way of design. Small outdoor units provide for flexibility of placement and indoor units can be painted to blend in with your environment. (Consult a certified contractor for details on how to safely paint the cabinets.

Lower Lifecycle Cost: Operate with minimum energy usage. Only service the necessary zones, which allows for less required maintenance.

Safety: Zoned structure does not recirculate air into other zones, reducing the spread of airborne contaminants and allergens.

JMT Mechanical is a factory certified dealer, installer and service specialist of Mitsubishi CITY MULTI®, a system that has earned us many satisfied commercial customers. Call us today for all of the details.

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