See what you are breathing!

We speak to our customers every day about their home comfort and indoor air quality concerns.  But it can be very hard to determine what excatly might be cuasing a particular allergy, sinus or asthma sympton without doing some testing.  To better answer these question we have invested in AirAdvice Indoor Air Quality monitors. These small devices can determine exactly how good the air is in your home.  We can schedule to leave an AirAdvice IAQ Monitor at your home for a few days, then return with a detailed 10 page report that shows us exactly what is happening in your home.  With colorful charts & graphs and simple indicators of appropriate levels you can now see on a print out what you and your family are breathing.  You spend more time at home than anywhere else, so maybe it’s time you see what you’re breathing? 

If you sign up for a test in March, we will perform the test at no charge for our ESA (energy savings agreemnt) members.  Not an ESA holder, call to join.

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