Cold and Dry?

Cold and dry outside?  We can’t fix that.  Cold and/or dry climate indoors?  We are experts at fixing that.  As comfort consultants we know that this is the time when our customers notice just how dry it is inside their home.  Static shock, itchy eyes, dry skin are common but they don’t have to be.  Adding a whole home humidifier can make a huge improvement to your comfort.  The customers that have added them to their systems love the difference.  Putting just a little bit of moisture in the air can make it more nicer to be indoors for everyone and also save money because you can lower your thermostat a few degrees and still be comfortable.  At JMT we always have good deals on adding a humidifier to your system.  This winter we will include one at no extra charge with your new high efficiency furnace installation.  Contact us for the details.

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