Winter Carbon Monoxide Safety Check!

Fall is the time to check your appliances and heating system to be sure they are safe to use.  Carbon monoxide (CO) safety is critical this time of year.  We spend more time indoors with fewer open windows as we run our heating systems and cook big holiday meals.  There are two key things you need to do each year:

1) Get all gas burning appliances professionally inspected.  Also, check flues and chimneys if you have a fireplace. 

2) Check, replace or install CO Detectors/Alarms.  A new state law in California requires these be present in all residences.  One key is to have them in all the right places.  Entry level and/or basement along with sleeping areas.  Replace all CO detectors after 5 years or after a major fire or CO incident.  Use CO Detectors/Alarms with a low level alert and numeric display for the best safety.  We recommend this for homes with children, eldery and sensitive individuals (anyone with heart or lung problems).  Not sure about your CO Detector?  Stop by your local firehouse to have it tested. 

Have a CO question?  Call, email or post a question.

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