Get Started Saving Money and Energy with Solar

Solar energy is now right for just about everybody with this affordable approach to system design.  Solar has become more affordable over the past few years due to advances in technology, better prices and great incentives.  With the new package we are offering customers you can start small and add on later.  The Smart Start Solar System from Green Power has everything you need to start saving money and energy now.  Premium American Made Solar panels combined with very efficient Micro-Inverters and the best hardware give you a system that we can gurantee great performance for the next 25 years. 

The Smart Start Solar System from Green Power is professionally installed for only $5999*

This system can be easily expanded now or in the future to reduce the desired amount of your utility bill.  Small Solar Systems like the Smart Start have a faster payback period versus very large systems because of the tiered pricing we have in California.  We can calculate your payback and expected savings when we review your utility bills.  Contact us today to start saving!

*after incentives, based on current PG&E incentives.  Customers in other utility districts may have different incentives.  Local building permits vary in price and are not included.
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